Arrow Stunt Video Showcases Throw-Down At The Queen Mansion

“Let’s destroy something that looks really expensive,” Arrow Fight designer James ‘Bam Bam’ Bamford can be heard saying in the above video, as a series of stunts play out on screen “I’m sure the Queens have some priceless things that we could just make into dust.” That’s apparently the kind of thought that goes into the planning of some of Arrow’s stunt sequences, which may explain why those scenes are so entertaining, particularly for those of us who love seeing stuff get demolished.

While it’s not quite as satisfying as a new episode, the latest stunt video the CW released does remind us of some of the excellent stunt work on this show. In the case of this video, it’s the sequence from the “League of Assassins” episode, which had Al-Owal breaking into the Queen mansions and throwing down with Sara and Oliver. The fight itself was a big moment for what’s proving to be an pretty fantastic season, but it’s especially encouraging and oddly comforting to know there are people who set out to make the most of a good setting when it comes to fight scenes. Because why have Al-Owal fight Sara and Oliver in an alley or some abandoned building when they can set them up around expensive breakable stuff and let the wood snap and the glass shatter as often as humanly possible?

And here’s another video focused on stunt work. This one shows off Arrow and The Canary’s fight against the Mayor:

This one shows what went into designing the fight sequence between the Canary and the Dollmaker:

Arrow is set to return with a new episode on January 15 on the CW. From the preview for “Blast Radius,” it looks like we can expect at least a little bit of ass-kickery in the series’ next installment…

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