BBC's Being Human Renewed For Season 5

While the North American version of Being Human is still working its way through its second season on Syfy, the original Toby Whithouse-created series has just wrapped up Season 4 across the pond and currently airing on Saturday nights on BBC America over here, as part of the channel’s “Supernatural Saturday” feature.

There’s good news for those who have been enjoying the antics of a vampire, a ghost and a werewolf. BBC America shared the news today that Being Human will return for a fifth season. The series has been renewed for a 6-episode Season 5 for BBC America and BBC Three in the U.K. next year. So, a slightly shorter installment than the previous few seasons, but the series will return.

?While details on Season 5 are being kept under wraps, series creator Toby Whithouse did confirm that Michael Socha’s werewolfish character Tom will be back, as will vampire Hal (Damien Molony). Whithouse expressed gratitude toward the fans and BBC for their support...

"Being Human lives on! The response to series 4 has been terrific. We're thrilled that the audience have taken the new cast into their hearts with such enthusiasm and affection. We're delighted to have this opportunity to expand the world further and explore new characters and tell new stories. A heartfelt thank you to all the fans for their unstinting support, and to the BBC for letting us mess up the sandpit for a fifth year."

For those of you who haven’t gotten around to watching the U.K. Being Human, the first three seasons are available on Netflix Watch Instantly.

Kelly West
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