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Things have probably been pretty crazy for Barack Obama, his family and the rest of his camp since winning the 2008 Presidential Election. Well, he’s had a couple days to let everything sink in and it looks like he’s ready to address the press for the first time since election night.

The Hollywood Reporter posted the news, stating that President-elect Barack Obama will be holding a news conference tomorrow (Friday) afternoon at 2:30 PM ET and that CBS and ABC have both confirmed that they’ll be broadcasting it. Details about the “press availability” are pretty sparse other than that. Whether it’s an actual news conferences or something else, the networks aren’t sure. The Reporter speculates that Obama might not be prepared to address a lot of the questions people have, “The campaign might be trying to play it down because there might not be a lot of solid answers to many of the questions the media will have for Obama.”

Whatever Obama talks about tomorrow afternoon, it’s likely that plenty of people out there are eager to hear what Obama has to say after having some time to adjust to his new title.