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Last winter, we learned that Syfy wasn't moving forward with Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome, the new, planned prequel to their hit series Battelstar Galactica. At that time, word was that the project might live on as a digital series. In less than a week, the first webisode is set to air online, and Syfy apparently has plans to air the pilot as a special next year.

Written by Michael Taylor, David Eick, Bradley Thompson and David Weddle, Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome stars Luke Pasqualino and was originally set up to be a series that followed William Adama in his younger years, during the first Cylon war. However, back in March, we learned that Syfy wasn't going forward with it as a series. Since then, we've been left to wait and see if the produced pilot might see the light of day as a webseries or TV special. It looks like the webseries is coming first, as the special has been broken up into seven 12-minute episodes, which will air at Machinima's YouTube channel. The first webisode will air November 9, as per the trailer below, which features a new version of what sounds like the original (or technically remake) Syfy/Scifi seres' theme song and gives us a look at young Adama and his determination to do his part by serving as a pilot.

The first episode airs Friday, November 9, after which the remaining episodes will air over the course of the next four weeks. EW reports that Syfy has the two-hour version of Blood and Chrome set to air in its entirety at some point in early 2013, after which an unrated version will be released on home video. So those who don't want to watch the special in pieces and who have a bit more patience can wait until next year to get the whole thing all at once.