Battlestar Galactica Producers Explain Why Show Is Ending

It would appear that there are ‘Battlestar Galactica’ fans out there who simply won’t more of the show, completely glossing over the fact that the series is so great because of the tremendous personal story being told. ‘BSG’s’ producers, Ron Moore and David Eick, sat down with reporters to divulge the details on how the decision was made. The Q&A session is reminiscent of another TV show endgame announcement. Hmmm, I just wish I could remember where I’d heard this stuff before.

As we reported when the news was first announced, this is an opportunity to provide viewers with a solid ending. Of particular importance are the characters, and how their relationships impact the show. I don’t know if we will resolve every single thing about every single relationship,” Moore said about plans for the Galactica crew, ” I think there is value in leaving some things open to the imagination and having some things that are tantalizingly unresolved, but the intention is to move toward what is the final chapter.” Moore also gave some more credence to the finding of “Earth” on the show, explaining that at some point the fleet has to reach Earth or something they call Earth. ”…at least someone [not] saying “Earth” would be unsatisfying.”

There’s no real new news on the upcoming fourth season, just a more elaborate explanation of what’s been revealed so far. The extended episodes in the fall are going to go back to season 2 for their storyline, and will not conclude season 3’s cliffhanger. This story will tie directly into things that happen in the final season though, so they’re not throwaway episodes. Regarding that cliffhanger, the producers plan to handle it in true ‘BSG’ fashion by focusing on the characters. Are they a threat to themselves or the ship? What is their mission and what is their true history? These are questions that will be addressed and answered in some capacity in 2008.

It’s time people. It’s time to let ‘Battlestar’ go. There is no reason to drag a show out any longer than what the creators intend. That can only mean bad things for a series, you can ask Chris Carter about that one. A good story equals a good story; it’s a true equation in storytelling. Besides, Eick stated that the prequel series ‘Caprica’ is not dead yet. There may be more stories to tell in the universe. The only injustice being done with the end of the series is that Michael Hogan has not walked away with a frackin’ Emmy award.

For the back and forth exchange between Moore and Eick with the reporters check out E! Online’s Kristin Vietch’s blog.

Steve West

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.