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Have you been looking for a way to get caught up on Syfy's Being Human? Right now, Syfy only has a handful of episodes available online, which leaves fans of the supernatural drama in a lurch if they're a season behind. But the network is offering up an all-day marathon of Season 3 episodes this Friday, in addition to a look at Season 4, which is expected to premiere in January.

As the above promo indicates, the Being Human Season 3 marathon is set for this Friday (Oct. 18) starting at 8:00 a.m., so set your alarms, or your DVRs accordingly. If ever there's a lesson in "Be careful what you wish for," it's in Season 3 of Being Human, as things seem like they're looking up for Sally and Josh, both of whom manage to rid themselves of their curses… until there are complications. Meanwhile, feeding becomes tougher than ever for Aidan when he returns from the ground to discover that a deadly vampire virus is thinning his kind's numbers drastically. If you don't want to wait until Friday for the marathon, Amazon has all thirteen episodes available for download, but they're $1.99 an ep or $22.99 for the season.

However, while Amazon may sell you those episodes commercial free, they don't have the first look at Season 4, which Syfy has promised in the above promo. That should hopefully be worth a look, and a big enough draw to lure those of us who've already seen Season 3 back for a rewatch and a peek at what's ahead.

I had the opportunity to visit the set of Being Human's fourth season last week, and that included getting to see the front of the house, which is actually missing a stoop:

front door

I also got to check out some of the props, including this life-size model of Connor as a werewolf:


And this logo was featured on the set chairs:


The cast was also on hand to talk about what's coming up in the series:


Read all about the first eight minutes of the Season 4 premiere here, and watch the video of the cast panel below:

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