Belushi's Widow Looking To Bring Blues Brothers To TV

Kieron Lafferty and Wayne Catania are the stars of the Blues Brother Review, a traveling show in which they play Jake and Elwood Blues. Now, as indicated on, John Belushi's widow Judy has teamed with SNL writer Anne Beatts to develop The Blues Brothers as a television series, with Lafferty and Catania set to lead. The plot is said to be six to eight episodes long so far, featuring the boys on a mission down the Mississippi River to New Orleans.

The problem that I have is that, while I'm a big fan of the Blues Brothers, I'm not sure if their schtick can sustain an ongoing television series. Plus, it's one of those properties that is so intricately tied to its originators, it's hard to imagine it in other hands. Even Blues Brothers 2000 seemed to stretch the concept about as far as it could go.

Obviously both the Review and the series would ignore the events of 2000, instead having this be during the hey-dey of the original band when Jake and Elwood were running the show. With the musical success of Glee on FOX, it just could be that a Blues Brothers revival on the small screen could work, but it would come down to compelling characters, and a reason for fans to tune in week after week.

In other words, Lafferty and Catania had better be amazing in those roles, as I see them being the musical equivalent of Sam and Dean Winchester of Supernatural. If they're going to be traveling constantly, then they'll be the only constants, which means the show succeeds or fails on their shoulders.