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The Walking Dead is a show that doesn’t stray away from violence. On the contrary, every Sunday night on AMC we can expect to see a fair amount of zombie killing, murder, emergency amputations, and even a touch of cannibalism. No one is more familiar with the violence of The Walking Dead than the show’s star, Andrew Lincoln. The character of Rick values survival at all costs, and will partake in any gruesome act to ensure that he and his family will make it through another day. 

Since Andrew Lincoln has had to film some bloody and gross kills, he was recently asked by EW about which of the kills was his favorite throughout the show’s six seasons. His answer might surprise you.
I think it's always your first. It would have to be the girl with the teddy bear. I think that the other one in that pilot episode, when I put down the bicycle girl was probably the most profound one because it's when I understood what we were trying to do which is see the human behind the beast and find some humanity or lost humanity in the monster.

There you go ladies and gents, Rick’s favorite kill was his very first one. Didn’t see that one coming.

Andrew Lincoln seems to have a very logical process behind becoming the sometimes madman that is Rick Grimes. After doing so many unthinkable things over the past 6 seasons, the fact that Lincoln still remembers the pilot episode so clearly is a testament of his dedication to the character. He is Rick Grimes.

Personally, I thought there were a few other kills, both zombie and human, that I would have ranked higher on the list then teddy bear girl. The most intense kills of all were definitely human, which is what made them so shocking. Specifically, there was a moment when Rick, Michonne, Daryl, and Carl came into conflict with the claimers. In a moment of desperation and survival, Rick ended up essentially becoming a walker himself and bit off a piece of Joe’s neck, killing him. Additionally, there was the massacre in the church where Rick and his machete completely destroyed the cannibalistic Gareth and the rest of his Terminus crew.

As far as zombie kills go, Rick has pretty much the most in the entire series. It’s hard to even imagine the Rick from the pilot episode, trying to get the nerve up to kill both the teddy bear girl and the legless walker we were first introduced to. Of course, he eventually gets his bearings and becomes a certified bad ass for the rest of the series.

What do you think? Is Rick’s best kill the little girl from Episode 1? Or do you have a favorite moment from hurricane Grimes’ killing spree? Sound off in the comment section below. 

The Walking Dead airs Sundays on AMC.

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