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As hard as it was for fans of Breaking Bad to let their favorite show go, they could always take solace in the existence of spinoff Better Call Saul. Since Saul was a prequel story, that meant that somewhere out there, Walter White was alive again. And it appears that not only is Walter alive, but he’ll cross paths with Saul once again at some point. Someday. Eventually.

Speaking to the New York Daily News, the creator of both shows, Vince Gilligan shined a little light on the possibility.
It would be great to see Walter White on Better Call Saul. It would be a shame if the show had its run — hopefully a very long run — and he never appeared.

Having said that, he was intentionally coy about when such a walk-on might occur. While he closed the door entirely on the possibility of it happening during the show’s upcoming Season 2, it certainly seems that it’s a question of when, not if, Bryan Cranston will return to play the teacher-turned-meth dealer that we all love. What a strange sentence that is.

While Walter White may not be returning for Saul anytime soon, Bryan Cranston, who is currently rumored to be in talks to play the big bad in the next Star Trek film, may be closer to making a mark on the show. The word is that Cranston may have already agreed to direct an episode of Better Call Saul if the timing is right. If that deal has already been reached, then it’s very possible that may be happening in Season 2. Gilligan stopped short of confirming that as well.

While a guest spot for Cranston would be every Breaking Bad fan’s dream, it opens up some interesting questions. Since Better Call Saul is a prequel story set before the events of the original series, one would assume that the Walter White we would meet there would be a very different character than the one we got to know. What was he like before he was formed by the events of Breaking Bad? For better or worse, the meth dealer was the character fans got attached to; bringing back the pre-cancer, pre-meth Walter White may be a bit of a shock to the system.

Gilligan assures fans that guest appearances from any well-known characters will occur when it is “most organic and fitting to the storytelling.” It’s nice that it won’t be a drop-in cameo simply for the sake of having it, and that when and if it happens it will be for a reason. That statement also opens up the possibility that there we could see the return of several more characters over the course of the series.

The shows creator seems committed to bringing Walter White back one day, even if the exact scenario is currently unknown. Are you excited for the idea of seeing him again, or had you just now reached a point of closure?

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