I count myself among the legions of Betty White fans. I've adored her in everything she does; and as she proved when accepting her recent lifetime achievement award at the SAG Awards, she's as sharp and funny at 88 as she's ever been. So it's been a lot of fun watching this movement build to get her on board as a host of Saturday Night Live.

The latest theory I've seen, on Zap2It, is that Lorne Michaels is considering a special "Women of Comedy" episode that would feature White alongside other famous funny ladies. Oddly though, the names mentioned were all SNL alums: Molly Shannon, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey.

I don't have a problem with any of the three former castmembers, but what puts them in the same league as Betty? If the problem is concerns that White couldn't handle the rigors of a 90-minute live show at her age, aren't there some other worthy women to consider outside your former cast? Or bring them on board if you want to ... hell, make it an all-star cast but leave Betty White as the sole host of the show. Why take that from her. Of all her accomplishments, she's never hosted the show, so why make her share the honor with people who used to be on it?

I do like Zap's idea of having Sandra Bullock show up, as the two had great comedic chemistry at that SAG Awards moment, but White is capable of creating comedy gold like that with anyone. Hell, at this point I'd love to see a Betty White variety show. I say let her work as much or as little as she wants to, but if she wants to someone needs to put a camera on her and watch magic happen.

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