We’re living in a world where TV programs may get the chance to move from networks to cable instead of getting cancelled, and where reboots and spinoffs are acceptable, but are not the only options for series. With shows like Arrested Development (and even 24) opting to come back, creating new episodes and new reasons for fans to invest, the possibilities for other new shows to return seem endless, although the return of programs might be a little more restrictive than it seems at first glance.

The TV Blend crew put our heads together and realized for a show to return, conditions must be perfect. Not only would the show need to be fondly remembered by audiences, but it would need to present the sort of topical and situational humor or story that could be adapted for a new age, and hopefully for new audiences, along with the old. Some programs, like Full House, would be nearly impossible to bring back in the same incarnation, since the cast would be full-grown and even if the kids lived nearby, the house would not be full. In most cases, 24 notwithstanding, comedies also seemed more relevant to bring back than dramas. Without further ado, here are the top five comedies we’d like to see return to the schedule.

Seinfeld cast
Seinfeld was a comedy that excelled at using observational humor to approach modern-day topics. This show about "nothing" was really about everything, which is why it's the kind of comedy that could be adapted to another time period. So why not revive the series for a tenth season that brings the four core characters back together? The comedy is as beloved as it ever was, and there would surely be an audience. Although, series creator Larry David and stars Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Michael Richards and Jason Alexander would all have to be willing to return for Seinfeld to work.

Louis-Dreyfus has Veep on HBO and Richards is set for Kirstie’s New Show, but ideally they'd all find some spare time to do the show. Season 10 could put the characters back in New York and give them some minor life-updates in the time that's passed since 1998. Maybe Elaine and Jerry are married (not to each other, please), George is divorced and Kramer is still single, and they're all still friends. From there, it's just a matter of giving them issues to deal with. Picture George complaining about how he can't stand the women he's being matched with by an online dating site - and he blames the site, refusing to see the matches as a reflection on his own personality - while Kramer agrees to help his actor-friend Mickey get a video to go viral. And maybe Jerry (or Elaine) is in hot water over a sarcastic Facebook comment made about a photo of an acquaintance's child. The potential for Seinfeld-esque humor related to social networking alone could probably fill a season, and that's just one angle that could be explored, should Seinfeld ever return. We'd watch.

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