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If all you’re hearing is silence at the moment, that’s probably because comedian and actor Billy Eichner isn’t out in the world hollering at anyone right now. But don’t you worry, his popular Funny or Die comedy series Billy on the Street has been renewed for Season 4. Just don’t expect to find it on Fuse anymore.

The newly rebranded Billy on the Street with Billy Eichner will head to its new home at trvTV later this year for fourth season that will be comprised of ten episodes. This is one part of a large deal that Turner Broadcasting and truTV set up together, and it gives the network access to the past three seasons of Billy on the Street. Expect a few high-volume marathons in the next few months.

Even though the first-run episodes are heading to truTV, the Turner deal will allow Billy on the Street repeats to air on TBS after they debut. That will likely do a decent job of building the show’s core audience, and could perhaps even set TBS as its future home if it’s popular enough.

But this deal isn’t just about Billy on the Street. Along with other potential future projects, the Turner deal also includes an agreement where the Parks and Recreation star Eichner will formulate ideas for pilots and/or half-hour specials to air on both truTV and Adult Swim. I’d love to see the comic actor enter the same world as Black Jesus or Childrens Hospital for something that has a little more narrative heft than asking people if they want to bone Paul Rudd. Not that there’s a problem with that.

Here’s how Eisner put things in a press release.
I am beyond excited about this new era for Billy on the Street. I'm thrilled to be working with truTV and the Turner family and I'm very ready to hit the streets for a new season of making dreams come true and changing lives for the better.

I won’t bother pondering what kind of people have dreams of Billy Eichner yelling at them, but I’ll just assume they’re nice people. Billy on the Street with Billy Eichner will go into production later this year, with its Season 4 debut on TruTV presumably coming in the fall or winter. Watch where you’re walking, New Yorkers, unless you need a quick dollar.

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