When Starz debuted a set of incredible marketing efforts for Black Sails during San Diego Comic-Con this year, efforts that included a screening and a giant model of a ship, buzz around the new drama reached a high point. At the time, I wondered whether the show would be able to keep viewers interested until the program’s January 25 release date. Luckily, Starz has seemed as concerned about this as I have been and has put together a slew of videos to tide over fans. The latest of these is “Black Sails: A Closer Look,” a clip that gives us a closer look at Toby Stephen’s Captain Flint, as well as offers a few more snippets of footage from the new series.

Black Sails is a Treasure Island prequel, following a crew of pirates working off the coast of New Providence Island. Captain Flint leads the gang, but a young sailor named Long John Silver (Luke Arnold) might just make a name for himself. While Long John Silver is the character we know from literature, Flint is the headliner in this clip, and his story seems like an interesting one. At the beginning, we find that he's a man who seems to know his path and fortune and who is searching for the means to escape the clutches of sea life. It’s easy to see why. There’s a lack of loyalty amongst the crew members and plenty of violence and upheaval to boot.

It’s one heck of a teaser, and hopefully, the gamble to produce such a grandiose seafaring adventure will pay off. Starz has been advertising the heck out of Black Sails in order to hopefully nab a few more eyeballs. This includes full length trailers and teasers, and a humorous video released for talk like a pirate day.

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the development of the drama, you should know that the show has been coming together at the subscription cable network since May of 2012. Luckily, you won’t have too much longer to wait to actually see it. Starz is set to air the first episode of Black Sails on January 25 at 9 p.m. ET. Eight episodes are slated for the first season, and the show has already been commissioned for Season 2.

Additionally, the network’s returning period drama, Da Vinci’s Demons, is expected to hit the schedule this March. If you haven’t caught that intricate series, you can give our review a looksy.

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