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It's amazing how much can happen over the course of eleven months. Just ask Walter White. According to Breaking Bad showrunner Bine Gilligan, that's how much time has passed in Walt's life since the pilot episode of the series. And look how far he's come! (And by far, of course, I mean far from the man he was when it all started.) We had the opportunity to sit down with Gilliagan and the cast of Breaking Bad at Comic Con last week, and they had some very interesting things about the upcoming season.

Some spoilers ahead!

First, we spoke with Aaron Paul (Jesse), Bob OdenKirk (Saul) and Jonathan Banks (Mike). Among the topics of discussion were how things are going to get much bigger in Season Five. "In Episode 2, you realize it's global," Paul says. "It gets pretty intense. There's a lot more people involved than you would have thought prior."

They also talk about Walter's journey and his anger. And an interesting little debate gets going when Jonathan Banks disagrees with Aaron Paul and Bob Odenkirk over whether or not Walt loves Jesse. Check out the video below.

Vince Gilligan told us that they finished filming the first eight episodes of Season 5. Those will air this summer (with the second set of eight episodes finishing up the season next year). Gilligan says he's watched all but the last two episodes of Season 5.0 and he's really happy with those first six. It seems inevitable that they'll leave us hanging at Episode 8. Perhaps some major revelation? Gilligan wouldn't say, but when I asked if we were going to be left tortured until next year, he said he hoped we'd be "electrified with anticipation." Good choice of words!

He also discusses the success of the show and getting to be at Comic Con, and also hints at some big reveals ahead for the last sixteen episodes of the series. Here's the full interview.

Next, Bryan Cranston, Anna Gunn and RJ Mitte sat down to talk to us about the White family. This includes Walter Jr. eventually finding out about his father. That's probably one of the reveals we should expect to see at some point in Season 5. "He has to," Cranston says about Walt Jr. finding out. "And I'm not going to tell you when…" Cranston also talks about directing the first episode of the second half of the season (he refers to it as Season 6).

Unfortunately, I had some technical difficulties and the video cuts off, so I don't have the whole thing, but here's what we did get.

We also talked to Dean Norris and Betsy Brandt, but unfortunately, I don't have video for that. I'm sort of devastated about that too, as Norris had some really interesting things to say about Hank vs. Walt this season. It sounds like another fairly huge reveal might involve Hank discovering Walt. That wouldn't be a huge spoiler, as it seems like a necessary piece of this amazing story to address once and for all. Heisenberg revealed! This could be epic. At least, the potential is there.

Looking at the season as a whole, Hank's search for Walt's "Heisenberg" and Hank's determination to get his man has proven to be one of the most interesting arcs in the series. It really deserves a proper conclusion. If Walt has become the villain, then Hank seems poised to be the hero to oppose him. We'll just have to wait and see how it works out. It's also worth mentioning that Betsy Brandt threw out the possibility that it would be Marie who discovers who Walt is, but that sounded more like a hypothetical scenario than a hint or spoiler. Still, wouldn't that be something?

Over all, the cast and Gilligan were great to talk with. I would have loved to have gotten to spend more time discussing their characters and where the story's going. It was great that the show was (finally) included in Comic Con this year.

You can read Eric's live blog of the Breaking Bad panel here.

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