Yesterday, we got a look at the brand new teaser poster for the return of Breaking Bad. Today, there's some video to go with it, and it's just as maddeningly vague, smoky and mysterious as the poster. But on the bright side, we're watching it one day closer to the premiere than we were yesterday, so that's a win, right?

Like the poster, the teaser - which was shared over at SlashFilm - features the familiar green background and the sight of smoke drifting upward. Then a voice says, "All Bad things must come to an end." And we get a little tease of the series' familiar score as the teaser reminds us that the final episodes being airing August 11.

While the second half of the fifth and final season of Breaking Bad is set to debut this summer, along with the new post-episode talk show talking bad, we still have two whole months (plus some) between now and the premiere of Season 5.5. That seems like an eternity, however, on the bright side, Netflix has the first four seasons available streaming, so those who want to go back and start from the beginning, to revisit the days when Walt was more of a timid guy, without the appetite for power - or the awareness of it, anyway - and with a bit more hair on his head. That's one way to pass the time while we wait for AMC to share a bit more from the remaining episodes with us. You can also watch the cast and Vince Gilligan talk about the show in this great hour-long panel.

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