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When something is as big a hit as AMC's Breaking Bad, fans don't really need to sweat over the possibility of a next season, but it's nice to get confirmation anyway. Deadline Hollywood reports that the network has reached a deal to renew the show for a fourth season, probably not coincidentally the day after the season three finale has the entire internet speculating what it might mean.

In the official AMC press release announcing the show's renewal, they noted that season three has brought in 18% more viewers than the previous one, with 30% more adults between 18-34. It's undeniable that the show is a critical success-- star Bryan Cranston has won back-to-back Emmys for Lead Actor in a Drama Series, and the show is regularly called the best on TV by critics. I'm more of a loyalist to AMC's other hit drama Mad Men, but either way it's remarkable that a basic cable network known until a few years ago for airing Jaws 2 on a loop can have such high-quality programming these days. Thanks to all the lawyers negotiating Breaking Bad's next season for guaranteeing we'll get even more.

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