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It's June 15th! Those Breaking Bad fans who've been keeping track of the calendar likely already know that June 15th means we're exactly one month away from the fifth season premiere of AMC's intense drama series. With a month to go, we have a teaser for Season 5, which should most definitely not be viewed if you haven't gotten caught up on Season 4, because there's a pretty major spoiler here.

The spoiler warning only applies to Season 4. Unfortunately, this teaser doesn't give us any new footage from the fifth season. But it's still well worth watching, if only to serve as a harsh reminder of what Walter White did at the end of the fourth season. It also features the chilling moment when Walt clarifies to Skylar where exactly he falls in the dangerous world of violence and meth-making/dealing.

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The king is dead, indeed. And based on the recently released poster, we should be prepared to bow down to the new king. These mentions of royalty seem to indicate the focus on Walt's rise to power, with Gus being taken out at the end of Season 4.

One month to go! For those looking for a bit of new footage from Season 5, check out the recently released clip here.

UPDATE: Check out a photo from the Season 5 premiere here!.

Breaking Bad Season 5 premieres July 15 on AMC.

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