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Unlike HBO, which will sometimes roll out a highly anticipated returning drama the week following the conclusion of another must-watch series, AMC has a gap in their programming. Mad Men wrapped up last night, The Killing shuts down its second season next week, and we have a month to wait after that for Breaking Bad to return. Fortunately, we're close enough to the fifth season premiere of the network's intense drama series to get a quick look at the new season.

The promo, which has arrived not long after the key art for the new season was revealed, shows us a brief and heated scene between Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and his shady but helpful attorney Saul. They do not appear to be in the best place, figuratively speaking…

Better call Saul!

(Spoilers if you haven't seen Season 4)

Last season ended with Walter White taking Gus out. I expect Season 5 to begin in the aftermath at that at some point. At least, that's where Cranston said things would start when the series returns. That may involve Walt getting Saul's help. From the conversation revealed in the all-too-brief promo, it seems like Saul has had enough of Walt's demands. And it seems like Walt has had enough of Saul having enough.

We haven't had enough, though! And I'm sure we'll start to see even more of what's coming up for the series, which returns for the first part of its final season July 15 on AMC.

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