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Breaking Bad Simpsons Mashup Reveals The Darker Side Of Springfield

Fans of Breaking Bad and The Simpsons (or even just Breaking Bad) will appreciate this fan-made mashup that sets a Breaking Bad plot into a Springfield setting.

Can you picture Ned Flanders partnering with Bart Simpson to cook and distribute crystal meth? It’s a pretty disturbing concept, but somehow this video makes it all seem possible. Via WarmingGlow, the video below, posted on Youtube by “Samuelk202,” includes various scenes from Fox’s long-running animated comedy The Simpsons with audio from AMC’s excellent drama series Breaking Bad. Bart’s playing the role of Jesse, while Ned Flanders, who’s probably the least likely Springfield resident to take up meth-cooking, is fittingly cast in the role of Walter White...

Points for the camper, and for including the gory ATM scene with Cletus as Spooge.

WarmingGlow offers some of their own casting suggestions. I think my favorite among them is Ned Flanders as Gus..

Kelly West
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