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Brendan Fraser could be headed for his first ever starring role on television. The actor recently signed on for the TNT drama pilot Legends after being approached for several different possible TV roles this season. Fraser will take on the lead role as an undercover operative in the project, which will be based on a novel by Robert Littell.

Deadline is reporting the star of The Mummy series will play the role of a deep-cover operative who takes on every new case by transforming himself into a different persona. Littell is known as a top-notch spy novel writer, and Legends has been noted for adding a sense of humor to the often serious genre. The novel’s protagonist goes by the name of Martin Odum, and has multiple identities – known in undercover circles as legends. It’s unclear how closely the television project will follow the book--especially since Littell is not attached to write--but it at least sounds as if the role Fraser will be playing will be similar. Although TNT has not mentioned the pilot will feature a comedic aspect, Fraser would certainly be a good pick for such a role.

Fraser’s last TV appearance was in an arc on Scrubs, unless you count doing a voice for the animated children’s series The Fairly Oddparents. He’s mostly known for slightly goofy movies such as George of the Jungle and fantastical movies like The Mummy films and Journey to the Center of the Earth. He’s set to appear in a number of films in the future, but as he is no longer a huge box office pull, hopefully, a TV role will earn him some newfound success on a different sort of screen.