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When it comes to Super Bowl ads, there are the commercials that make us laugh, the ones that make us think, and then there are the ones that make us go "Awww" as we smile at the adorableness of a little girl and her grandpa or whatever other scenario is being presented to us with the intention of tugging mercilessly on our heartstrings. In the case of the leaked Budweiser Super Bowl ad, it's an adorable puppy who's determined to be adopted by the trademark Clydesdales. And as evidenced by the horses' reaction to her eventual departure, the horses are just as determined to adopt her because they race down and stop the car and bring the little pup back to the ranch. Sniffle. Damn it.

USA Today shared the above ad, informally titling it "a tornado of adorable," which seems about right. And we should probably expect that one to rank highly on USA Today's annual Ad-meter.

Pre-Super Bowl buzz for ads has become a common part of the build-up leading up to the event, so it's no surprise to see this excellent Budweiser ad ahead of the big game, where it'll surely get even more exposure. For some people, the Super Bowl is all about football. For others, it's about the entertaining commercials, all vying for attention during the hugely rated televised event. In addition to the Budweiser commercial, we've also seen some other teases for ads to come, including this Full House-focused Dannon ad:

Meanwhile, Terry Crews teamed up with the Muppets for this great Toyota Ad:

There are also movie trailers to anticipate! Among the teasers to make their way online ahead of this Sunday's game is the Noah spot:

And we'll hopefully see even more exciting movie spots during the Super Bowl this year.

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