CSI And CSI: NY Plan Crossover Episodes That Will Hit A Personal Note

It’s not unusual for a crime procedural to do a crossover episode, but CSI and CSI: New York are trying a little bit of a new formula for the two shows’ upcoming crossover episodes: making them personal. It looks like one of our leads will be traveling to Las Vegas and later that week the other CSI series head honcho will briefly relocate to New York when the crossover episodes premiere in February.

The CSI franchise has a pretty intense premise planned for its 2013 crossover episode. Beginning on February 6, CSI: NY’s Detective Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise) will head to the City of Sin to meet his girlfriend, only to determine she has been kidnapped. During the CSI episode, he’ll team up with the Las Vegas team, but apparently it will be to little avail. According to EW, the storyline will continue on Friday, February 8, when CSI’s D.B. Russell (Ted Danson) will join the New York team to continue to solve the mystery.

This isn’t the first time the CSI franchise has indulged in a crossover episode over at CBS. The Las Vegas team notoriously did a crossover episode with the now-cancelled Without a Trace way back in the day. While CSI: Miami was still on air, there was even a crossover episode between all three CSI programs airing at the time. Fans will have to wait and see how this one pans out compared to the other crossover episodes, but by creating a more personal case, I’m guessing it should be pretty good.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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