One of the many projects from CSI showrunner Carol Mendelsohn has received a pilot order from CBS. Widow Detective is among the many projects the prolific TV guru had sold to various networks months ago, and has been picked up to pilot.

Deadline reported that the project was given the greenlight for a pilot episode today. Widow Detective tells the story of a police detective who has seen three different partners killed in the line of duty and becomes involved in the families they have left behind, acting as a father to their children and a husband and lover to their spouses. David Hubbard will write the pilot for CBS.

Back in October Mendelsohn sold the project among a slew of others including a profiler drama called The Murder Room and a couple of supernatural projects at the CW: Unearthly and The Hollows. She also has another show gaining momentum at TNT. Scent of the Missing recently added Summer Glau to the cast that already includes Trica Helfer in the lead role and Eric Winter as well. That series is already going to pilot.

Back when CBS bought the project I expressed my hopes that they would rethink the title; it doesn’t look like anyone over at CBS takes my opinion all that seriously. But there’s still time for showrunners to come up with something less cheesy, or for it to grow on me. This series sounds like a dramatic cop-based version of Sister Wives to me, but I will wait for more details on the plot before I make my final judgment.

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