TNT may already have a resident cowboy in Justified's Raylan Givens, played by the Emmy nominated Timothy Olyphant, but with a new Western on the horizon the network has got to start filling some saddles. The potential new Western from the network is called Gateway, a story about three brothers who try to keep law and order in the titular town after their Pa, the Sheriff, is gunned down. And now we know that Cam Gigandet will be playing one of those law enforcing brothers.

Deadline reports that the actor will play Jake, one of the three sons of a murdered lawman in 1880s Colorado, in the Bruce C. McKenna and Danny Cannon penned pilot. Known for his role as the evil vampire James in the original Twilight film, Gigandet showed off some impressive skills with a gun as Hicks in this summer's vampire-action-adventure flick Priest. Despite having been in several features, it seems that television might be a better fit for the young actor.

For some reason, television suddenly became very interested in the wild west with TNT's Gateway, Ron Moore's Hangtown at ABC and the still very vague Peter Berg-Liz Heldens 'female centric' Western at NBC. Why any network would want to get into the Western business now remains kind of a mystery. HBO's Deadwood (starring the aforementioned Timothy Olyphantastic) couldn't survive beyond three seasons and that's just about as good a TV Western as you're ever going to get, especially with the added realism and benefit of relaxed content restrictions that HBO provides. However, with three different series exploring the genre, at least one will be a hog-killin' time (it's a Old West phrase, for fun... sorry).

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