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One thing that really stands out in the Oscar Winning film, Crash is the ensemble cast. Based on the growing cast list for the TV series based on the film, it looks like the same could be the case for the upcoming Starz show. Dennis Hopper recently joined the cast and now D.B. Sweeney and two others have signed on as well.

Along with Sweeney, actors Michael Fairman and Nick Tarabay have also been brought on board. Like the film, the TV series, set to air on Starz will center on racial and social issues in Los Angeles. The characters’ stories will intertwine throughout the series. Based on the cast list and character descriptions so far, the series looks like it could be really good.

Dennis Hopper (Blue Velvet, 24) – Ben, a bigtime music producer looking for the next big score.

Clare Carey (Jericho) – Christine, a mother living in Brentwood and married to a successful real estate developer.

D.B. Sweeney (Jericho, The Cutting Edge) – Peter Emory, a real estate developer, husband to Christine and father to a teenage daughter.

Michael Fairman (LA Law, Hill Street Blues) – Lou Loskey, Christine’s sick, overbearing father who relies on Christine to take care of him.

Luis Chavez (Ocean’s Thirteen, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) – Cesar, an immigrant with no money trying to get to America.

Ross McCall (Band of Brothers, CSI:NY) – Kenny, a cop who loves the thrill of the job but not the paperwork.

Jocko Sims (Dreamgirls, CSI) – Anthony, Ben’s driver.

Brian Tee (Grey’s Anatomy) - Eddie, an EMT who is also a Korean-American immigrant.

Arlene Tur (Grey’s Anatomy) – Bebe, used to be an actress and is now a police officer.

Nick Tarabay (The Sopranos, CSI: Miami) – Axel Finet, a police lieutenant who is having an affair with Bebe.