Cat Deeley Discusses Fox's The Choice, Preview Clips From Tonight's Premiere

Cat Deeley has been a reason to look forward to summer since So You Think You Can Dance first premiered. And now Fox is giving us a second helping of the host as she takes the lead in their new celebrity dating series The Choice, which makes its debut tonight. Deeley shared some of her thoughts about how the revolving-chair dating game show works in one of the videos we have to show you. We also have some clips from tonight's premiere for you to check out.

The Choice is set up like NBC's singing competition The Voice, except instead of four celebrities seated in revolving chairs and set to listen to the voices of aspiring singers to see if they want to mentor them, the four celebrities featured will be trying to decide if they want to date the female speaking to their backs. Featured in the premiere are Pauly D, Jason Cook, Romeo Miller and Jeremy Bloom.

Cat Deeley is hosting the show, and in the video below, she talks about the nature of the series, dating in general, the bachelors' reactions, and the nervous contestants. But my favorite parts comes later in the video when she talks about a contestant for frequently resorts to shaking her… um… assets, which might be a strategy that works for her in a normal situation, but is less effective when the men she's trying to impress are facing the other way…

And here are the clips, which show us the "blind audition" process of the game, and later, the speed-question round, which has the selected women going face-to-face with the seated celebrity to ask questions and get to know them better.

It seems like we might see the guys using the audience' reaction as a way to determine if they should turn around. That kind of takes the fun out of it, as the whole point is supposed to be them making their decision based on the girl's voice and the things she says. The questions round seems a bit awkward, but the quick answers are pretty amusing. It'll be interesting to see how the whole show comes together.

The Choice premiers tonight (Thursday, June 7) on Fox at 9/8c.

Kelly West
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