While I wouldn't say the most recent installment of Celebrity Apprentice was my favorite of the series, it definitely had its moments and it had some great contestants that I'd love to see given another chance. The same could be said about the contestants from all of the previous Celebrity Apprentice seasons. And it seems some of them may get that opportunity. Word is, the next Celebrity Apprentice will be an All Star season.

Yesterday, the NY Post reported that NBC wanted Donald Trump to do an All Stars season of The Celebrity Apprentice and today, Zap2It says their sources confirmed this, stating that the next cycle of the show will be All Stars. The season will begin production this fall (mid-October) and will air in February or March 2013.

I'm sure there will be lots of speculation over which celebrities will be included. Availability and interest will obviously be key factors. From what the Post reports, Piers Morgan, Joan Rivers and Bret Michaels - all of whom have won past seasons - could be among the returning contestants. Other names mentioned: Trace Adkins, Omarosa, Gene Simmons, Lennox Lewis, Meat Loaf, Jesse James, Gary Busey, Marlee Matlin, Sharon Osbourne, Cyndi Lauper, Marilu Henner and Dennis Rodman. But it's likely too soon to do much more than speculate for now.

I'd personally love to see Adam Carolla return, but given some of the comments he made after last season's finale, which involved the possibility that Arsenio Hall's win was due to a deal he had with NBC, it wouldn't be surprising if his name was left off the list this time around, nor would it be a shock to learn that he passed on it if he was invited. Meatloaf and Gary Busey returning would be interesting though.

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