The Celebrity Norman Reedus Wants To Ride With Most Is Not Who You'd Guess

Norman Reedus has become a huge star on the small screen thanks to his fan-favorite role as Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead, and his popularity has been enough to land him his dream job as star of a series all about motorcycles. Ride with Norman Reedus will be a reality show that follows Reedus and a handful of celebrity motorcycle enthusiasts as they tour different states on their bikes. Reedus will be joined by the likes of Peter Fonda, Robert Rodriguez, and Balthazar Getty in Season 1, but he already has an idea of who he’d like to ride with at some point in the future, and it’s an unexpected choice.

I’d really like to have Cher. She’s a big motorcycle rider. I want to go through Rome with her.

Norman Reedus’ reveal to Uproxx that Cher is the person that he’d love to join most on a motorcycle tour is definitely unexpected. There’s no reason to believe that Reedus wouldn’t want to hang out with Cher, but it seems like there would be an awful lot of degrees of separation between the two celebrities. Still, when it comes to a show about shenanigans that ensue while riding motorcycles, do two people really need to have much more in common than a love of bikes and the open road?

Daryl Dixon has had a motorcycle as his preferred means of transportation through most of the six seasons of The Walking Dead that have aired so far, so Norman Reedus was already known for knowing how to ride prior to his new TV series. As it happens, Cher also played a role in which motorcycles were a big part of her character. The singer/actress played a mom raising her son in a motorcycle gang in the 1985 critical hit Mask. Cher may not be killing Walkers or brooding her way through the zombie apocalypse on a motorcycle nowadays, but she definitely has some on-screen motorcycle cred of her own.

At this point, Ride with Norman Reedus is set to air six episodes that each follow Norman Reedus and a fellow famous motorcycle enthusiast through a certain state. Reedus setting his sights on Rome for a ride with Cher is a sign that he has high hopes for the future of his new show. Maybe Cher will want to show up for an episode if she gets wind of the awesome gift that Reedus gave to Peter Fonda after their ride through Florida.

Ride with Norman Reedus hasn’t actually premiered yet, so it’s a bit early to put too much thought into a Season 2. If the numbers aren’t good enough, Norman Reedus may never get the chance to recruit Cher for an episode. To catch the first episode, tune into AMC on Sunday, June 12 at 9 p.m. ET. Don’t expect any of Norman Reedus’ Walking Dead co-stars to show up, but the first trailer promises that there will be plenty of non-zombie action to keep viewers interested.

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