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Just when we all thought Simon Cowell’s X Factor couldn’t turn into anymore of a mess, it’s miraculously defied the odds and turned into more of a fiasco. Last week, judge Cheryl Cole was fired, possibly for having too strong of an accent, possibly for not playing nice with fellow judge Paula Abdul, possibly for unknown reasons that haven’t bubbled their way to the surface. After the canning leaked out and there was still no official announcement, gossip indicated Cowell was working to secure Cole a spot back on the British version so his old friend wasn’t left jobless. Apparently, those efforts failed.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the British X Factor will not include Cole either. ITV is reportedly going with a panel of Gary Barlow, Louis Walsh, Tulisa Contostavius and Kelly Rowland, while leaves the former Girls Aloud singer up shit creek. The only real question is whose decision it ultimately turned out to be.

Various British tabloids have been reporting either that the producers decided to go in a different direction or that she was unwilling to accept the substantial amount of money they offered her. It would be hard to blame her if she did slap Cowell and company in the face after her firing, but turning down millions to judge one season on the X Factor seems ludicrous, no matter how many unresolved wounds exist.

The American version is still on track to premiere in September. FOX has a ton of money riding on its success, but with continuing problems mounting by the day, that investment is starting to look shakier and shakier.

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