The X Factor and Q’Viva! The Chosen have dominated talent competition announcements lately, but NBC has an announcement that might shake up the news from a.m. to p.m. Christina Millian is set to join the cast of The Voice. Milian will take over for Alison Haislip during Season 2 as Social Media Correspondent.

The pop star-turned-actress has several hit songs (“Dip it Low,” “AM to PM”) and has done acting work (Love Don’t Cost A Thing, Be Cool) so she should be as strong in front of the camera as she is in the vocal practice rooms. Milian’s background in acting and music is not the only reason NBC is hiring her, however. According to Deadline, NBC is looking for a little warmth. NBC’s president of alternative programming had to say about Millian’s hiring:
“Her experience as a singer will provide a comfort level to our artists when they speak to her about the ins and outs of the competition.”

When I first read the announcement, I was sort of hoping NBC had blatantly stolen the groups category from The X Factor and thrown Millian onto The Voice as a main feature. I’m sure Milian was probably wishing for something of the sort as well, since that would have ensured her one of those fantastic red swivel chairs to sit on. As an added bonus, it would have sort of evened out the male to female main judges ratio on the show. That's probably what she gets for not being quite famous enough.

On a side note, I wonder if that means ABC Family’s Maid in Miami is dead?

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