Claire Danes Crying Montage Shows The Homeland Star Turning On The Waterworks

There's a scene in one of the later episodes of My So Called Life when Rayanne and Ricky tease Angela about the way she cries. Since viewing that episode and that memorable scene, I've been acutely aware of Claire Danes' cry-face, which we've seen numerous times since she starred in the excellent but then-underrated 90s teen drama. So this montage of Danes-crying seems especially amusing to me. Showtime's Homeland is featured prominently here, as the series, which has just started airing its second season, has already featured Danes in a number of tearful situations.

Some people just have a distinctive crying style. In the case of Danes, there's a sort empathic trigger-quality to it. Her tears demand attention and empathy. She cries and I want to cry. Some may not react quite that way, but you have to admit, Danes knows how to cry. This super-cut of crying scenes, compiled by Slacktory, shows Danes' knack for turning up the waterworks in the roles she's played in TV shows like MSCL and Homeland and movies like Little Women, Brokedown Palace and Romeo + Juliet.

I love how the scenes escalate more and more as the video goes on, with the bigger moments saved for last. The only thing missing is the music. Hootie and the Blowfish's "Let Her Cry"? Aerosmith's "Cryin'"? Kelly Clarkson's "Cry," perhaps? Nine Day's "Absolutely (Story of a Girl)"?

Watch the MSCL scene where Rayanne and Ricky poke fun at Angela for the way she cries here. "Your little (sigh) and then your like mouth collapses..."

Kelly West
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