Comedy Central Roaster Greg Giraldo Dies At 44

There’s sad news in the comedy world today as its been reported that comedian Greg Giraldo died this week.

Stand-up comic Greg Giraldo may not have been sit-com huge in terms of his career but he’s had plenty of screen time on television, including serving as judge on NBC’s stand-up comedy competition series Last Comic Standing. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the 44-year-old comedian was hospitalized last weekend after an overdose of prescription medication. Comedian Jim Norton tweeted the news of his death this afternoon.

In addition to Last Comic Standing, Giraldo was featured as a roaster numerous times on Comedy Central’s Roasts. He had as much a knack for zinging as he did for ranting and never seemed to hold back on his jokes, no matter how politically incorrect they were. Below are some of his routines.

(Videos contain adult content)

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