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Just like the back to back Groenings, it's time for the second half of the MacFarlane back to back with the American Dad panel. The animated comedy on Fox is about a conservative, CIA agent and family man Stan Smith and his band of misfit family, which includes a wife, son, daughter, alien and talking fish. Let's hope it brings the laughs like Family Guy because I'm still reeling and giddy. I want more MacFarlane!

2:41 The panel is introduced. Chris Bennet, director of the upcoming season premier which they're about to screen for us (awesome), Dee Bradley Baker, Scott Grimes, Rachel MacFarlane and, "the man who came up with the idea for this show in a karaoke bar," Seth MacFarlane.

2:43 They waste no time and jump right into the screening. Fox would only allow them to show the whole thing if they screened the first act in black and white (it kind of looks rad!). Oh, and Cee Lo Green guest stars. More to come right after it's finished. And a quick Q and A.

3:05 Obviously with Cee Lo Green guest starring, as the Smith's new singing hot-tub, there is a lot of music in this episode. Actually, it's a full on musical with all the cast members getting their chance to sing. There's a particularly funny boy-band inspired sequence for Steve and Roger. The songs themselves are all pretty good, written by Lonely Island's Asa Taccone. Michael Pena showed up in a cameo.

3:07 Regarding taking shots at Fox, Seth says that they "have a great sense of humor, The Simpsons opened those floodgates forty years ago. It's kind of a tradition for the animated shows."

3:09 Head writer Mike Barker fired back with a question of his own, "Are you asking if there is an episode where we dissect Roger? Then I can say, yes. We have Shannon Sharpe playing an alien bounty hunter who catches Roger." I'm not sure I buy that but they did confirm an episode where Roger 'phones home' and it will unfold as a full on space saga.

3:13 "A lot of people we wanted have already come to do the show, but having Woody Allen would be cool" says MacFarlane, before one of his fellow panelists shouts "Jane Goodall!" Seth adds that "we also wanted to get John Williams because I'm a huge fan.

3:17 Seth says, "I can't write on marijuana, I tried it once and fell asleep, woke up six days later."

3:19 Then the moderator announces that this will be the last question, which makes Mike Barker yell "five more questions!" The last question is asked by a cute, pre-teen boy and Barker asks "is that Seth Green? He looks taller in person."