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The True Blood panel was the last of the day in Ballroom 20. It was packed, as in packed to the gills, as in not a seat available anywhere. It was the end of the long day that started around 8:00am lining up for Chuck and made for an exhausting day. But enough of my whining, what happened with the blood suckers.

Something about vampires makes the ladyfolk scream. While it wasn’t at Twilight proportions, the Southern boy vampires made the gals in the audience shriek like Elvis was in the building. As I earlier texted to Josh while it was still happening, the panel kicked off with an announcement that they will be selling a Tru Blood drink. Although creator Alan Ball joked it contained blood, vodka, wine, and Viagra, it’s actually blood orange soda. The bottles are designed to match the prop bottles used in the show. As Josh noted in his write-up of the tidbit, I’m surprised this didn’t already exist.

The panel consisted of the aforementioned Ball, all the stars, and the writer of the books, Charlaine Harris. After sitting through the Twilight panel last year, I’m starting to wonder why hefty middle age women like writing stories about vampires so much. But that’s a question for another day. She announced that she signed a contract to write three more books about Sookie and company through 2014.

The panel kicked off with an “exclusive” trailer for the second half of Season 2 that promises lots of sex, violence, and things that make the women in the audience shriek (cute male vampires.) While it was reported the trailer was created for Comic Con, it’s already hit the net and you can find it here.

While there were tons of questions and answers about how the show operates, there wasn’t much in the way of head’s up for the next season. Ball said that Season 3 would include werewolves, Russell Eddington and the Mississippi Vampires (sounds like a blues band), and Debbie Pelt. When asked if Bubba would make an appearance, he said hiring an Elvis impersonator would feel “cheesy.” The audience was of a different mindset.

My favorite part of the panel was someone asking if there would be a half vampire, half human baby. As the audience howled at the Twilight-ish device, Ball practically sneered when he said “No.” Meeeeee-owwwwww.