One week ago, the long summer vacation came to a much needed end and the halls of Greendale were once again alive with, well, the usual Dan Harmon and company craziness. The Season 3 premiere of Community was a little cluttered but definitely delivered a promising start for a another year with our favorite community college students and staff. Yes, all was resolved and the group is back, fully assembled and ready to tackle anything that might come their way. This week it's "Geography of Global Conflict."

Joining the study group for this week's episode are a few new faces and hopefully they can live up to the last week's guest appearances from Michael K. Williams (yes, Omar from The Wire) and John Goodman. First, as you can see in the clip below we're introduced to, as Jeff puts it, Annie's "multi-cultural evil twin" Annie Kim. Not to get all 'The Simpsons did it' but this is a little reminiscent of the Lisa vs. Alison rivalry from the aptly titled episode, "Lisa's Rival." Oh, well, as South Park taught us, The Simpsons has done everything so instead of focusing on that, let's just enjoy the laughs that Annie's crazy competitiveness with other Annie gives us.

Martin Starr, one of the most exciting guest spots for the entire season, shows up in the second clip as Professor Cligoris ("either pronunciation is fine") and kills it. This preview packs a whole lot of funny into 34 seconds, mainly because we get to see Starr do what he does best, which is play the slobbish and snobbish intellectual loser to absolute perfection. The back and forth between him and Jeff (or him and everyone) is priceless and shows that the Harmon and company continue to know what they're doing when it comes to casting guest spots.

Community "Geography of Global Conflict" airs on Thursday at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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