We're a day away from the one-week countdown to the return of Community. It seems almost too good to believe that the show will be back for Season 4. The latest clip for the fourth season premiere shows some of the Greendale study-group reuniting with a gleeful hug for senior year, and Annie reverting to a familiar accent.

The clip below has Troy, Abed, Shirley, Britta and Annie engaging in a hug as they reunite for their senior year. Pierce is also among the crowd, but somehow he gets blocked out of the embrace…

It's just as well that Pierce couldn't get in on the hug. He might have caught some of Annie's senioritis, which she seems determined to contract this year. And from Annie's accent as she mentioned her plans, it sounds like the condition includes shades of Caroline Decker, Annie's fake-I.D. alter-ego from Texas ("Mixology Certification").

It also looks like Shirley is very interested to help Annie with her pranking, and that's probably related to one of the previously posted clips we shared, which shows the two filling a car with popcorn. (Incidentally, if that's a nod to Real Genius, Happy Endings may have beat Community to the punch this week.)

Community premieres Thursday, February 7 at 8:00 p.m. ET on NBC.

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