If you've seen the TV spots for A Good Day to Die Hard, then there's a good chance the latest promo for next week's Community premiere will seem very familiar to you. If you're a fan of the series, then you're used to Community referencing beloved movies. And if you're a fan of Die Hard and Community, you're in for a treat with this promo.

This is pretty great, especially with less than a week until the NBC comedy finally returns. The new promo for Community Season 4 tells us that Thursday (8/7c) is a good day to study hard. And in addition to some "Ode to Joy"-like music to rev our engines, the video also offers a few dramatic and action-packed glimpses of the new season.

As though "study hard," the music and the pacing of this exciting promo aren't enough drive the homage home, there's a "Yippy kay yay, Father Christmas" line and then later, a more obvious but fantastic direct reference to Die Hard 3: With A Vengeance, which Abed astutely makes in response to someone saying, in a German accent, that Germans don't hold grudges. Tell that to Simon Gruber!

If the above is not enough to get you excited for next Thursday (February 7), perhaps the clip we shared earlier today will do the trick.

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