Attention Community fans! We're past the one-month mark in the countdown to the fourth season premiere of Community, and today NBC has released a new sneak peek for the Season 4 premiere, which gives us a general idea of what's going on at Greendale Community. We'll give you a hint (and if you don't want hints, stop reading now!), the odds may be ever in the study group's favor.

As you'll learn in the clip below, there's a bit of a registration mix-up at Greendale, leaving the History of Ice Cream class a bit overcrowded (to say the least). See how the Dean plans to deal with this mix-up in the clip below, which starts with a great little intro featuring Danny Pudi, Joel McHale and Jim Rash...

I like that Jeff notes the Dean is dressed normally. Of course, that only last about a minute before he goes all Katniss. It looks like the Dean has been watching or reading The Hunger Games. His "games" solution seems like fun, but we all know how out-of-hand things can get on the Greendale campus. This competition for one of the Dean's bitten red balls (yup.) and a spot in the ice cream class could get bloody. We'll have to wait and see how things turn out and whether the study group manages to secure a spot in this piece-of-cake-ice cream history class.

Community returns for Season 4 on Thursday, February 7 at 8/7c on NBC.

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