Conan's Sons Of Anarchy Cold Open Is The Greatest Thing You'll See All Day

In the days of late night talk show yore, an ensemble cast wasn’t usually given much more screentime than a single guest, but Conan just rewrote the un-script on giving a cast a proper tribute with an episode-long focus on Sons of Anarchy and its crowded cast of rugged miscreants. Kicking it all off was the following cold open, for which Conan O’Brien dons the ugliest mustache Movember has ever known. Mild spoilers below for those not keeping current with SAMCRO’s latest ordeals.

For fans of Conan and Sons of Anarchy, this is the perfect spoof meshing of the two, although I’ll probably have trouble mentally scrubbing Conan’s “biker look” from my brain. The hair and makeup, combined with his sneer, are just too much for me to handle. This particular Ass Kicker isn’t doing much beyond getting thrown through windows, but at least nobody’s making him clean up the glass. That’s how you can tell he’s a true man. The actual credit sequence, which mimics Sons of Anarchy;s tattoo-morphing cast titles, is a hoot in and of itself. I like the idea that Conan’s big back tat would be of cuddly kittens toying with yarn. That yarn would be torture to get on there, I’d think.

For his guests, Conan welcomed creator Kurt Sutter and stars Charlie Hunnam, Theo Rossi, Tommy Flanagan, Kim Coates, Mark Boone Junior, Drea de Matteo and Jimmy Smits. It was quite possibly my favorite episode of Conan ever, as each of the guests got to share a few quality tidbits about the show, such as Sutter saying the existence of the Sesame Street spoof “Sons of Poetry” took the sting out of the biker drama never being honored by the Emmys.

Check out another amazing video created for Conan below, which serves as a tourism promotion for the “lovely” city of Charming.

It’s kind of amazing how many spoiler shots are included in this lineup, but I guess the main people who are watching this episode are those fully invested in the world of SAMCRO. After all, these are the people who already know that living in Charming is a definite death wish. Get your tombstones ready.

More late night chats need to devote entire hours to specific shows like this. Jimmy Kimmel is a resident pro at it, so let’s get more of it. Just like you can get more of Charlie Hunnam’s chiseled bare back by clicking over to the video on the next page.

Nick Venable
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