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Constantine Video Previews Bear McCreary's Awesome Score

Numerous TV shows are benefiting from Bear McCreary's musical talent these days. The composer is currently credited for a number of Starz shows, and you've heard his scores on everything from The Walking Dead to Battlestar Galactica and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Coming up, he's set to score BBC America's The Intruders and NBC's Constantine, the latter of which is showcased in the video above, which gives us an earful of the exciting, rock-ish music for the series.

The video cuts footage from Constantine with footage of Bear McCreary conducting his orchestra. It's a great way to allow us to appreciate the music in the series and the musicians involved in creating the intense score, not to mention Bear McCreary, who seems to know how to create a signature sound for every series he works on. Just for comparison's sake, take a listen to the music in this trailer for Outlander, particularly near the end...

That's a sample of Bear McCreary's score for the Starz drama, and it sounds nothing like what we're hearing in the Constantine video. And then go ahead and try to compare both Outlander and Constantine's music to that of Black Sails:

It's fascinating to hear him talk about the show and the kind of sound he's going for as he creates the music. That approach seems to be benefiting multiple series on TV right now, not only because McCreary's creative, but because he appears determined to find music to suit the style and tone of the show, which may be stating the obvious as it relates to a composer's motivation while scoring a movie or TV show. But as he mentions in that video, he likes weird instruments. That too likely contributes to creating unique music.

Getting back to Constantine, the NBC drama is based on a popular DC comic book series, Hellblazer and centers on a demon hunter and master of the occult, John Constantine, played by Matt Ryan. The story picks up with Constantine reluctantly returning to his fight against evil after giving it up when his soul was damned to hell. The cast also includes Angelica Celaya, Harold Perrineau and Charls Halford. And the music, evidently, will be awesome, thanks to Bear McCreary.

NBC has made the wise choice to set Constantine up on Friday night, where it will hopefully thrive among the network's other darker content, including Grimm and Hannibal. Constantine is set to premiere on Friday, October 24 at 10:00 p.m., following Grimm.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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