I miss the Cosbys, and apparently I'm not alone. To be fair, I didn't exactly watch The Cosby Show during its initial run. Surprisingly, sitcoms about upper-middle-class African Americans weren't high on my watch list when I was an unborn child (or an eight-year-old boy when its run came to an end). However, thanks to the magic of television reruns, The Cosby Show became a regular staple in my after-school lineup, and I was able to appreciate seeing a young Adam Sandler in all his glory.

You only need to go back a few weeks to Episode 12 of this season of Community ("Asian Population Studies") to find a nice tip of the Cosby hat from guest star, and former Theo Huxtable, Malcolm Jamal Warner ("It's my dad's."), to see that the impact of The Cosby Show is still in the creative ether, influencing a generation who have grown into the writers and artists of today (such as Emily Cutler, the woman who wrote that episode).

In fact it -- The Cosby Show, not the one-liner from Community -- sparked this new creative online endeavor, The Cosby Sweater Project. Have a look and reminisce about your favorite of Heathcliff's argyle, plaid, or striped numbers. And if you feel creative, you might be able to email them and contribute your own designs. (Thanks to @hattmodgins for the tip!)

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