In case you didn't know already, Cougar Town will be back for a fourth season, but you won't find it on ABC this fall. The comedy series was dropped by the network, and basic cable channel TBS snatched it up. The premiere date has been announced! Pour yourself a glass of wine and sit back to watch this very special Cougar Town musical message, which features the cast and some other people!

They're back! They're back! Well, not quite yet. The comedy series won't return for new episodes until early January, but the date is set! And TBS clearly didn't think a press release announcing this information would suffice. Instead, they released this musical video. It includes some excellent cameos (including a certain Community star, whose character happens to be a big fan of the show). Prepare yourself for singing and dancing (and a song that might get stuck in your head afterward)...

"We're back, we're back, January 8th - It's a Tuesday… We're back, we're back, nothing rhymes Tuesday!"

Hooray for Cougar Town's planned return! Hooray for Danny Pudi's guest appearance! They even got Conan… kind of. And I also spotted NIa Vardalos.

Now you know, Cougar Town will be back January 8th. It's a Tuesday!

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