Could The End Be Near?

Our TV prayers may be on the verge of being answered. The WGA (Writers Guild of America) has just released a statement saying that The AMPTP (Association of Motion Picture and Television Producers) has agreed to restart negotiations. The warring factions will be resuming talks on Monday November 26, right after the Thanksgiving weekend, and the start of week 4 of the writers strike.

United Hollywood has a memo sent to the strike captains that says, “The effort and energy and resolve of the strike captains and teams, on the line, in headquarters, on location, and out in the community including the blogosphere has had a tremendous impact, and been instrumental in bringing the companies back to the bargaining table. Congratulations! Of course, going back to the table is an important step; but we must not allow our effort and creativity to wane. The strike must continue and we must continue to increase our impact and message to get the best possible deal for writers and for others who will benefit from our struggle, including actors, directors, drivers, crew, etc.”

Basically, this doesn’t mean that the strike is over. Even if talks go well, it’s not likely that the AMPTP will come to the table with sacks full of cash with dollar bill signs printed on them. The writers are still going to be on strike and will continue to picket while negotiations are going on. Just as the writers need to be vigilant and keep trying to get their message out there, fans should continue their efforts as well. So keep contacting the studio heads and send those pencils—because I really need to know what happens between Michael and Jan on The Office.