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The search for contestants for the second season of The X Factor will get underway starting next month. Meanwhile, with Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger out, there are two chairs to fill at the judges table. Could Janet Jackson be filling one of those seats?

People posted the video of Janet Jackson being interviewed by Anderson Cooper. He brings up the subject of her possibly joining The X Factor, which seems to catch Jackson off guard. While she says that she’s “not a judge on The X Factor,” it also seems like she’s trying to choose her words very carefully, as she goes on to smile and say, “but that's all I really think I should say.”

So, perhaps she’s in talks? Nothing is confirmed at all, but she certainly would be a fitting replacement for Paula, whose career ran somewhat parallel to Jackson’s for a time. While Janet’s recording career dates back a bit further than Abdul’s, Paula Abdul did choreograph some of Jackson’s videos.

?It also wouldn’t be surprising that Simon Cowell is in the market for a well known female musician to serve as one of the judges on the series. Just hours before the sad news broke of Whitney Houston’s death, we shared the rumor (which was later confirmed by Simon Cowell) that Whitney Houston was among those being considered as a replacement judge on the series.

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