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We're living in an age when dead TV shows can rise again. Arrested Development returned for a fourth season last year, while 24 will Live Another Day on Fox this Spring and Veronica Mars is big-screen bound next month. So it's no surprise that there's more than a little chatter about other gone-but-not-forgotten TV series' chances of making a comeback. In the case of Pushing Daisies, there's talk of a possible Broadway musical or a movie.

E! Online checked in with Pushing Daisies' Bryan Fuller, who's been keeping busy these days dealing with another death-focused series -- albeit one with a much darker tone -- in NBC's Hannibal, says he thinks it would be incredible to do a musical follow-up to the dramedy series. "I would love to do a musical and make it all about Kristin Chenoweth and her character, Olive Snook," Fuller said. In the ABC series, Olive was a waitress at Ned's pie shop and rather smitten with Lee Pace's character too. Given Chenoweth's background in theater and musicals in particular, it's no surprise that we'd hear her name attached to talk of a potential stage musical, but what about the rest of the characters?

There's no mention of if or how Ned or Anna Friel's Chuck might factor into this potential musical, but Fuller did say that in addition to talking to Pushing Daisies executive producer Barry Sonnenfeld about the musical idea, he also talked to him about bringing Pushing Daisies to the big screen. As Fuller notes, there are a couple of format options and from what he says, it sounds like Sonnenfeld has some ideas on how they could make this happen. Fuller said, "I would love to do a musical, and I also would love to do a movie, because you have higher impact and it also has an iconography."

The original series centered on Ned, a man with the ability to bring any living thing back to life simply by touching it. There are a couple twists to this talent, one of which is that if the reanimated person or animal is kept alive for more than a minute, someone/thing else will die in its place. The other twist is that if he touches the reanimated person or thing again, they'll die on the spot and they can't be brought back. This presents a bigger issue for Ned and his love interest Chuck, as he brings her back from the dead and they fall in love, but can never touch or else Chuck will die again. There was a dark but sweet fairy-tale-like quality to the series that set it apart from other shows. And it worked well from episode to episode as Ned used his ability to temporarily revive murder victims, allow them to answer crucial questions about their own deaths and then use that information to solve their murders.

It'd be great to see the series return, either as a big or small-screen movie, if not another season of the show. Sonnenfeld has plenty of experience in feature films, having directed all three Men in Black films, as well as The Addams Family and its 1993 sequel. Fuller, on the other hand, has focused mostly on small screen work, having created Wonderfalls, Dead Like Me and Pushing Daisies. He also attempted to revive the Munsters with Mockingbird Lane, but the pilot, unfortunately, didn't go to series. He's had more success with Hannibal, which is due to return for its second season later this month. And from what E! reports, it sounds like Fuller wasn't able to get Lee Pace or Anna Friel on the set of his current drama for a guest appearance. They tried to get Friel for a five-episode arc on the series, but she'd just been cast in Peter Horton's NBC pilot Odyssey.

At this point, it doesn't sound like anything is certain, but it's interesting to know that discussions have been had recently about possibly bringing Pushing Daisies back to life in some form or another. While we wait for more updates, I'm not craving pie.
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