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It’s looking more and more like Sarah Chalke is the mother. Ever since she appeared on How I Met Your Mother last month, there has been speculation that we’re finally about to get the big reveal. Despite the truncated third season, HIMYM star Josh Radnor (Ted) has told TV Guide’s Michael Ausiello that we’d probably see her in “a few more episodes.” Fans know that Ted narrowly missed the future mother of his children, aka “the woman with the yellow umbrella” on St. Patrick’s Day. During her episode, Stella made a reference that made it sound like she may have been at the same party.

What’s not known is whether or not Stella’s receptionist, played by Britney Spears, will be making a return appearance. Radnor seems open to the possibility saying that exec. producers "could write a great plot for her to come back." Co-Star Neil Patrick Harris isn’t so enamored with the idea however, telling the AP, "I worry that if they start Will & Grace-ing us too much, the show will suffer. And we're all really proud of the content of the show.”

I agree with NPH. Guest stars are fun, but with Will & Grace it became little more than an annoying gimmick. I was for Britney’s initial appearance, as I hoped it would help HIMYM get renewed for a fourth season, but it’s difficult to constantly shoehorn celebrities into a plot without it seeming hackneyed. On the other hand, HIMYM has yet to receive that fourth season order, so maybe a little bit more of the Spears ratings magic is needed.