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There aren’t many shows on television that see the network catering to the creator. Then again, there aren’t many shows on television to garner such a loyal audience and consistent critical acclaim as HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm. The show was created by Seinfeld mastermind Larry David, who has a hand in every aspect of production from the beginning. As writer and star of one of the network’s most successful series for eight seasons, David has gotten a lot of leeway, and fortunately for fans of the show, the long-awaited return of Curb Your Enthusiasm may finally become reality.

Here's the tweet that tipped everyone off.

Jeff Schaffer has been a longtime collaborator with Larry David, working with him first on Seinfeld and then on Curb Your Enthusiasm. He created FX’s The League as well; with that series coming to an end after its seventh season, however, Schaffer may now have the time to focus on another installment of Curb. A meeting between Schaffer and David is a surefire sign that progress is actually being made, rather than just rumored.

There can be no doubt that Larry David will be the driving force behind a return to the world of Curb Your Enthusiasm. The somewhat bizarre behind-the-scenes format that saw actors performing to an outline and improvising many of their lines rather than following a set script has been mastered by David in a way that no other show has yet been able to copy. Well, except for The League.

Another aspect of Curb that cannot be reproduced by any old producer is the line of guest stars that Larry David has been able to bring onto the show. His connections with comedy greats unafraid to play and even parody themselves was a big draw to the series in its original run. The seventh season even featured the main cast of characters working to produce a Seinfeld reunion with the familiar faces from the NBC series.

Curb Your Enthusiasm has thus far aired for ninety episodes over eight seasons from 2000 - 2011, taking a year off between each of the last three seasons. The news that it may return as a film installment of a franchise rather than a ninth season is an interesting wrinkle.

It’s hardly the first time that there has been talk of a small screen venture jumping to the big screen, and HBO series Sex and the City has already done it twice, but the format of Curb Your Enthusiasm makes it somewhat difficult to believe that the trademark dark humor and charm of the series could be captured in two hours of film. Nevertheless, the four years that have passed since the finale of Season 8, combined with Larry David’s record of making pretty dang good television, promise that any return to Curb Your Enthusiasm should be well worth the wait.

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