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While most stand-up comics look for that network television deal (a la Jerry Seinfeld, Ray Romano and Kevin James), Cook went straight from the stage to the big screen. His meteoric rise occurred around the year 2000 and 6 which was also around the same time he started becoming the brunt of the joke. That's what happens when you rise to fame quickly, you become an easy and likely target. Now, after his feature film career hasn't turned out exactly as planned, the comedian will finally be trying his hand at the step he seemingly skipped, a pilot at NBC.

THR reports that Dane Cook is going to star in a half-hour comedy pilot at NBC called Next Caller Please. From Weeds writer and producer Stephen Falk, the pilot is a single-camera sitcom that is set in the offices of a satellite radio station. In a classic odd-couple situation, the potential series would follow the clash between radio co-hosts of the opposite sex, one an alpha male DJ and the other a feminist, uh, female DJ. To me it sounds like Frasier got a The Ugly Truth make-over but, with Falk writing and Emmy Award winning director Marc Buckland on board, it will hopefully be much better than that mash-up suggests. Ugh, Katherine Heigl.

Dane Cook would obviously star as the 'alpha male DJ' named Cam Doherty who is described as Gerard Butler in The Ugly Truth. Sorry. Cam is a "disheveled, unshaven, hung-over and purposely detached magnetic grouch who doesn't like that his co-host is a woman." Yep, I told you. On a positive note, Collette Wolfe has been cast to play the feminist co-host named Stella and I absolutely loved her in Jody Hill's dark comedy Observe and Report. Wolfe also has a recurring gig as Kirsten on Cougar Town. Lastly, Joy Osmanski (who voiced Julie on the short-lived Allen Gregory) is also part of the pilot's cast playing Winnie, the radio show's producer.

To be fair, in a world where Two and a Half Men was king (for a ridiculously long time) Dane Cook will probably be perfect for a prime-time comedy that wants, you know, big audiences. Will you tune in to watch Cook?

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