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Decade Long MTV Staple Changes Formats, Moves To Wednesdays

Over the last twelve years, Music Television has drastically changed; however, there have always been two consistent, stable factors: ‘The Real World’ and ‘Road Rules.’ That is until two years ago when MTV put ‘Road Rules’ on indefinite hiatus to make room for not playing any more music videos…ever. No one, including co-creator Jonathan Murray, knew if the show would ever return; however, MTV executives penciled the show into the fall lineup after retooling the original formula.

Season fourteen, ‘Road Rules 2007: Viewers Revenge,’ premiered a few weeks ago with six former cast members returning to once again tackle a host of wacky challenges to earn cold hard cash. Each week the reality stars will nominate one male and one female to square off against other veterans chosen by viewers on MTV’s website will also feature scores of extra footage including contestant blogs and interviews.

Road Rules premiered in 1995 as the much hyped follow up to the MTV reality staple ‘The Real World.’ The show thrived for almost a decade, and while it hasn’t really been groundbreaking or even that interesting since the first few seasons, it is a refreshing alternative to such garbage MTV original programs as ‘Next' and ‘Yo Momma.’

Starting March 7th, ‘Road Rules’ will move to Wednesday nights at 10:30 ET following ‘Real World: Denver.’

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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