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Derek Clips Showcase The New Channel 4 Pilot With Ricky Gervais And Karl Pilkington

Basically all of comedian Ricky Gervais' television projects eventually make their way across the Atlantic. All the BBC internationals carried The Office overseas before American television made the full on adaptation. Then his popular podcasts featuring the "little round headed buffoon that is Karl Pilkington" got picked up and animated by HBO (with the third season coming soon) before Karl became the Idiot Abroad for Sky and Discovery.

Gervais' new project, again with Pilkington, is called Derek and is scheduled to air in the U.K. in the middle of April. There's no word on when the one-off dramedy for Channel 4 will come to North American airwaves but that doesn't mean you can't watch the new trailers. And, let's be honest, like all those written, directed and starring Gervais came before it, Derek will make the trip here soon enough. Here are the two latest clips and for the rest of them (five in total), head over to the Channel 4 YouTube page or, as tweeted by Gervais, at Digital Spy.

The pilot for Derek (it's still being called a 'one-off' but there is potential for the project to go to series) premiered at a special BAFTA screening last month and officially hits airwaves in under two weeks. It is described by Channel 4 as a dramedy about "a group of outsiders living on society's margins." Gervais plays Derek Noakes, a 49-year-old man who works in a retirement home when he's not too busy autograph hunting. He's a loving man who adores, by the sounds of it, just about everything including his best friend and landlord Dougie (Pilkington). Derek, and fellow employee Hannah, love old people and listening to their funny stories about days gone by. Apparently the show as created because Gervais felt that the older generation was being undervalued and unappreciated. Based on the clips, what do you think of the new pilot?